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Mount Nathan Winery is renown in the Gold Coast for its excellent wine tasting. Customers are guided on how to use senses to experience different types and styles of wine, including our signature Honey based Liqueur and Barrel Aged wine. They will also experience our Australian raw and creamy Honey in different natural flavours.

Included in the package is Sheep and Alpaca Feeding with a feed bag and observing a working beehive through transparent Perspex.

Includes a unique 150ml bottle of wine, including a individualised digital photo back label. Photos to be taken on the day. Photos can be individual, couples, family's etc.

Note: Children between 2 and 17 receive a non-alcoholic beverage

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Winery Tasting Package + Picture On A Bottle

Winery Tasting Package + Picture On A Bottle



Child (2-17)

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