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More adrenalin pumping than jumping! Warbird Aerobatic Flights are high speed, high G-force combat style flight experience unlike any other in the civilian world.

Our group of highly experienced airline, aerobatic and RAAF pilots have thousands of hours of aerobatic experience between them and with over 3,000 Warbird Adventure Flights completed we enjoy an impeccable safety record.

Warbird Aerobatic Adventure Flights are fully customisable to your desires, we start off the manoeuvres gently and work our way up increasing in G force and difficulty as we go. You are in constant communication with the pilot who will be talking you through all the manoeuvres. Warbird Adventure Flights can be had mild to wild, It's absolutely up to you.

Experience includes:
  • 25 minutes in the aircraft, includes all the usual aerobatic manoeuvres and some that aren't so usual

  • Tailor-made adrenalin experience, just you and the pilot - no one else to stop you

  • Very experienced pilots with literally thousands of aerobatic flights

  • Super-tough ex-military fighter aircraft, totally original (except no guns)

Important Information:
  • Departing From Moorabin

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Warbird Aerobatic Adventure Flight

Warbird Aerobatic Adventure Flight

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