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The Experience

Skydiving to the beach near Moruya Heads is an experience not to be missed! Embrace the fear, hop in the plane, soak up the ocean views, feel the rush of a lifetime as you free fall with your experienced instructor, scream out with joy as you fly your parachute and glide back down and land on the beach back to where you started this crazy adventure. We have a unique, fun and relaxed atmosphere to ensure you have the absolute most amazing experience possible.


Book online by selecting a Skydive Oz Moruya Heads experience above or simply call 1300 185 180 between 9am 5pm.

Re-live and share your experience

Don't forget, you can get your whole Skydive experience filmed so you can re-live all of the fun and excitement. Simply choose a video option during check out or decide on the day of your jump.

We Wander

Up To 15,000Ft Tandem Skydive - Moruya

Up To 15,000Ft Tandem Skydive - Moruya


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