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Anglesea learn to surf, on the Great Ocean Road, is a fantastic place for surf lessons.

Conditions at Anglesea learn to surf are ideal for surf lessons or surf hire. This is because we have beautiful clean water, a safe beach, and one of Australia's best learn to surf destinations!

Anglesea is a gorgeous, small coastal town where the bush meets the sea. This allows the stunning advantages of bush, river and sea to combine . There are also a large number of school camps in Anglesea and Go Ride A Wave arranges surfing lessons for most of them.

Experience includes:
  • 3 x 2 hr surf lessons

  • Surf safety information

  • All the necessary learn to surf equipment, including soft beginner board, leg-rope, wetsuit or rash shirt

  • Surf instruction to suit your skill level

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Three Surf Lesson For An Adult At Anglesea Vic

Three Surf Lesson For An Adult At Anglesea Vic

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