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Keep some memories alive in a book with this scrapbooking DIY Kit. All you need is some pictures but you can also draw your souvenirs in this kraft book that will stay with you forever.

From photos in a phone to photos in your home, your kids will love it and will enjoy looking it again and again once done.

Experience Includes:

  • 1 kraft notebook
  • 6 washi tapes with different patterns so you can be creative and not run out of tape
  • 1 pair of zig zag scissors so your pictures will look funnier
  • 2 glitter glue pen (colour assorted) to draw or stick your pictures on your book
  • 1 silver glitter pen
  • 1 standard glue stick to stick your pictures on the pages
  • 2 stickers sheets assorted : to add some fun and colours in your book
  • 1 emoji stickers sheet to bring the emotions that went with that moment of your picture :)
  • 1 set of 5 pencils
  • 2 wooden stamps (assorted)
  • 3 mini wooden clothespin to decorate your front page maybe ?

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Scrapbooking Craft And Diy Box

Scrapbooking Craft And Diy Box

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