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Bohdi and Ride have revolutionised indoor cycling and taken it to its highest level.

Ride provides a full body workout on a bike by incorporating endurance, interval and weight training, all set to bespoke playlists mixed by their favourite DJs designed to get you in the zone.

Taking a Ride class challenges you physically and mentally as you smash through a 45-minute high-intensity full-body workout on a bike, lead by an elite team of Ride instructors. Clip in. Rock On. RIDE!

Experience includes:
  • Duo offer for you and a guest

  • 45 mins private class with a professional instructor

  • Valid Weekdays and Weekends

  • Free towel, show hire and water and a Bodhi and Ride baseball cap after class to take home

Important Information:
  • You may not be suitable if you have the following medical conditions: heart disorders, recent surgery and pregnancy status.

  • Experience available from 15 years and older

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Ride Front Row Seat

Ride Front Row Seat

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