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The perfect box for parents and bub on the move. To make every trip in the outside world more enjoyable and because there are A LOT of things to think about when leaving the house with your little munchkin.

Experience Includes:

  • A pram toy saver as we all know that toys or dummy, otherwise, won't stay in the pram
  • Handmade change mat and burp cloth by Natalie&Rachel to not get dirty in any unexpected situations. Great quality and perfect size to have in your bags but still big enough for your little one.
  • Teething necklace by Jellystone : award winning silicon teething brand from Australia
  • A toy bag but not a random one : The Play&Go® bag is a simple and effective solution to toy storage so you throw toy in the bag and bring them with you.
  • Bubbles : to calm a little baby, distract, entertain and make them smile while you are not in your house. Should always have one in your bag, can be life saving !

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On The Go Box - Mum & Bub Hamper

On The Go Box - Mum & Bub Hamper

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