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Ngauwudu is the Wunambal Gaamberra name for the Mitchell Plateau. This region is home to the Wunambal, Gaambera, Kwini and Balangarra people. Meet your Kingfisher Tours Aboriginal Guide at the Helispirit check in where we weigh in for our Heli flight before a quick Billy Tea and damper.

Take an exhilarating helicopter ride over the Falls, looping in a figure of 8 to get a view of both Big Mertens and the Mitchell Falls before landing at the top.

Your guide will take you to 2 spectacular vantage points to watch the magnificent Mitchell Falls in flow. We will then head off across the Mitchell River toward Big Mertens Falls with a stop at Dungalilly (a lily lagoon) along the way. At Big Mertens Falls we can get right up close to the edge but be careful, its an 80m drop. Your guide will show you the best vantage point to see the falls with a view into the gorge below.

Continuing on the trail we head for a swimming and snack stop across from the rock art called the Battle Scene. This spectacular gallery depicts a momentous occasion for local people to the area and your Aboriginal guide will share this story with you, and other interpretations of this ancient art.

We continue the trek to Little Mertens Falls. Be inspired and humbled by the mysterious, ancient rock art found beneath the falls, featuring the mythical Gwion Gwion spirit figures, again to be with an Aboriginal guide from the North East Kimberley will give you such a depth of perspective on the art and its purpose. There is also a beautiful swimming hole to enjoy your lunch, relax and swim.

We climb to the top of the Little Merten falls with a view back out along the country we've just traversed before following the creek bed and heading into campgrounds. At the end of the trek it's time to sit back with a cold beer, wine or juice, snacking on some cheese and crackers to reflect on the day before heading back to camp for a well earned rest around your fire.

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Mitchell Falls (Punamii-Uunpuu) Day Trek

Mitchell Falls (Punamii-Uunpuu) Day Trek


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