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With over 70 obstacles available for you to tackle at your own pace, the MegaClimb is perfect for anyone wanting a new adrenaline filled adventure. Imagine playing tennis in the sky, rowing a boat mid-air, or manoeuvring between obstacles like our floating esky, BMX bike, and sky-high picnic table. Don't forget the Crows Nest climb to take you to the tallest point on our course.

Once you've completed the obstacles you'll have a chance to take on our MegaJump, an 18m simulated free fall experience! You do not have a time limit on this course, however, once you jump your adventure is done for the day, so choose wisely!

This package deal also includes our Giant Swing! Seating up to 3 people at a time and reaching a maximum height of 20m and speeds up to 70km/hr, this is the ultimate thrill seeking experience!

Experience includes:
  • 70+ obstacles on the MegaClimb

  • a free fall simulated jump from 18m high.

  • Giant Swing

Important Information:
  • All climbers must be over 140cm tall to do the MegaClimb without an adult.

  • Climbers between 120cm & 140cm must be accompanied by an adult climber to help them move around.


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Megaclimb & Giant Swing

Megaclimb & Giant Swing

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