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The season runs from May till November.

Enjoy the spectacular views from a balloon basket and experience this ancient sport in Northam, the centre of the picturesque Avon Valley. Depending on the wind direction, we shall choose launch locations to try to give you the best views at sunrise that the day can offer.

At Liberty Balloon Flights we give you the finest experience of free flight in a balloon in the whole of Australia, hands down. View the first light of dawn over the horizon in an activity to enjoy with your loved ones and friends. We fly higher than any other operator in the country to give you the best views and no, you WILL NOT feel height sick.

This is the full experience of a balloon flight with the personalised service only small groups can receive. Breathtaking views and safety assured with pilots who have been flying for over 27 years, not only in WA but also, for close to 20 years, Melbourne. With the added experience of flying up and down the Andes, Patagonia, Mexico, the UK and many countries and cities around the world, your pilots will make your flight as varied as the winds allow on your chosen day. We like adventure and we make it SAFE. We call this 'The Peaceful Adventure'. Views across the Avon Valley in a morning you will never forget. Participate in the oldest form of aviation, a hot air balloon flight. Champagne and chocolates or breakfast after the flight is on us!

The experience starts early, at around 05:30 am but we will contact you in the evening before your flight to confirm the exact time. We follow the Sun and we try to be airborne just before dawn, hence the early start. Of course, dawn is at different times as the months' progress so we will meet a little later in the middle of Winter. Once we meet and after a quick check-in, you will jump into our vehicles and we will drive you to the launch site we will use that day. We have many locations we use to take-off, always depending on the wind direction on the day. In case you don't know, hot air balloons just float, so we simply drift in the breeze. We tend to 'fly-in' to the valley so we will drive upwind to take off. Ballooning is a hands-on experience and there are simple tasks for those who'd like to participate in setting the balloon up for the flight and there is certainly a job for everyone when we need to pack the balloon away after we have landed!. The flight itself will last about one hour and your pilot will use the winds at different heights to navigate to the most appropriate landing site. At the end of it all, we will drive back to Northam for a well-deserved breakfast.

For those who choose the transport from Perth and back option, the meeting location is the car park on Park Road, opposite Crown Promenade and off Victoria Park Drive, parking here is free and has security cameras throughout. The drive is just over an hour and we will be returning you to this location after the flight. Expect a meeting time close to 04:00 am but this will be confirmed with you the evening before the flight

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Ballooning Over The Avon Valley With Transport From Perth And Breakfast

Ballooning Over The Avon Valley With Transport From Perth And Breakfast




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