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Surf in Paradise will offer you these surf lessons that are great value and if you want to make surfing a regular activity in your life and progress further, then the surf lesson package is for you. You will learn many techniques such as: how to use surf etiquette, paddle through waves, read surf conditions, Progress on to shorter boards, get longer rides, position yourself to catch good waves, develop a bottom turn, identify good waves to catch, turn forehand and backhand, take off on unbroken waves and understand different surf boards.

Experience includes:
  • 5 Group Surf Lesson Package

  • Photo Package

  • Rash shirts

  • Wetsuits for winter

  • 30+ sunscreen and zinc cream

  • Free transfers to and from Surfers Paradise and Main Beach, upon request

Important Information:
  • You may not be suitable if you have the following medical conditions: heart disorders, high/low blood pressure, recent surgery, pregnancy status, neck/ back pain, and injuries.

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5 Surf Lesson Package (Group) + One Time Photo Package

5 Surf Lesson Package (Group) + One Time Photo Package

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