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Advanced Chefs Skills Course 3 week course (runs 3 consecutive nights from 6pm-9.30pm) Suitable for intermediate to advanced skill levels, this is a hands on and interactive cookery course, designed for those with a passion for cooking but want to perfect particular skills. We will prepare show stopping meals based on the advanced cookery techniques but you will learn how to simplify and adapt these skills to make meals which take minimal time or effort to prepare! The focus is on enjoying the experience, gaining confidence, and learning essential cooking and presentation techniques.

Experience includes:
  • 3 week course for 3 connective nights

  • You will discover the art of:

  • Advanced bread making: sourdoughs and brioche, Sauces and Emulsions, Reductions, Flamb‚àö¬©s and foams, Deboning and trussing, Sous Vide, Confit, Curing and preserving, Presentation skills, Garnishes and decorations, and Sourdough.

  • YOU decide what we learn!

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3 Weeks Advanced Chef Skills Course

3 Weeks Advanced Chef Skills Course

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