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Meet with some of Melbourne's most respected artists to hear personal stories and learn about their craft in a private local studio - closed to the public, and home to dozens of current and former local heavyweights.

Spend some time creating your own unique design before being kitted out with safety gear and a full pallet of spray paint. Learn to create unique calligraphy, colour inside the lines and develop your own artistic style with the help of a professional local artist.

Once they've perfected a stencil that reflects their personal trademark, you will set out to make it permanent on an iconic Melbourne laneway. The local street artist will apply the finishing touches to sharpen it up before we set up for a shoot in front of their artwork.

Experience includes:
  • Street art masterclass with renown local Melbourne artist, behind the scenes at the exclusive everfresh studio

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City And Art: Ultimate Street Art Masterclass

City And Art: Ultimate Street Art Masterclass

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