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Take part in a flight experience unlike any other in the civilian world.

A Warbird Aerobatic Adventure Flight is the ultimate aerial adventure.

It can take you from 0 to 300km/h in under 5 seconds. You and your pilot will be in constant communication. Your pilot will talk you through all of the manoeuvres.

Warbird Adventure Flights can be had mild to wild; it's absolutely up to you.

Experience includes:
  • 35 mins Flight in powerful in exmilitary Planes

  • High speed and Gforce flight just like the aces of WW2

  • Fully customisable aerobatic routine

Important Information:
  • Maximum weight 130kg, height 6'3

  • Those with serious heart condition, epilepsy or blood pressure problems consult their physician first

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Warbird Aerobatic Flight In Exmilitary Plane

Warbird Aerobatic Flight In Exmilitary Plane

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