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Kickstart is their Introductory package for those customers who want to experience the incredible feeling of freefall and to tick it off their bucket list. Equivalent to 3 outdoor skydives you will get a real taste of what it feels like to float on a smooth cushion of air! This package will allow you plenty of time to become accustomed to the wind. Customers usually see progression as they become more relaxed and truly get to enjoy the experience, but if it's not enough, there is usually availability to upgrade to more flights. Just ask our friendly team.

Experience includes:
  • 2 flights equivalent to 3 tandem skydiving freefalls from 12,000 ft

  • Pre-Flight Training & one-on-one flight instruction

  • Flight gear rental (Just bring laced up shoes)

Important Information:
  • You must arrive a MANDATORY 45 minutes Prior to your Flight time (booking time) or you will forfeit your session.

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Perth - Kickstart - Indoor Skyving

Perth - Kickstart - Indoor Skyving

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