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We meet 5 mins from the centre of Noosa where you'll suddenly find yourself in nature at the edge of Lake Weyba. This lake is connected all the way through to Noosa Everglades.

Once we've got you comfortable in the kayaks, we'll launch and start our adventure with a short paddle to find the hidden entry way into the creeks. As you cross the lake look to the skies to see the local Sea Eagles climbing the thermals whilst they hunt for their lunch.

You'll have this section of Noosa's waterway all to yourself as it's off the beaten track. We turn off the lake and into the calm (often glass like) waters of the Creeks. It's a calming, relaxing trip as you listen to nature and effortless glide through mangroves and bush. Halfway we take a break half way, and on warm days we can find a spot for you to jump in and cool-off.

We'll then make our way back to our launch spot and typically the entire experience lasts 2 hours.

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Noosa Kayak Tour

Noosa Kayak Tour



Juniors (6-16)

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