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Nature Journaling is an inspiring way to practice present moment awareness and discover mysteries of the natural world.

Through observation and wonder, nature journaling allows you to express creativity using words, pictures and numbers. You will develop a nourishing connection with nature which is known to improve physical and mental wellbeing. Nature journaling encourages a growth mindset by forming new neural pathways through learning new skills and rewiring the brain.

The objectives of the workshop are to:

1. Discover your innate creative ability and let go of perfection

2. Find value in connecting with nature

3. Experience the art of nature journaling in practice through a series of guided activities

The group will gather in Kings Park, a place of peacefulness. Throughout the experience you will be supported by a qualified coach and mentor to discover your true nature. You will be invited to explore, reflect and share about what you notice around you and within you.

The nature journaling workshop will conclude with herbal tea and delights.

**Weather permitting**

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Nature Journaling Workshop - Kings Park

Nature Journaling Workshop - Kings Park


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