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A luxurious 60 minutes of pure bliss; Using Float Therapy Fiji Products specifically formulated using a superior seaweed to provide ultimate hydration to your skin. Organic 'Nama' (Organic Sea Grapes), works on ionic potential of the cells hydrating & plumping the skin, minimising fine lines whilst reducing diffused redness & calming Rosacea. You will also receive hydrotherapy and Galvanic- iontophoresis to infuse the serum into the deeper layers of the skin for maximum benefit.

Experience includes:
  • 1 hour facial masage

Important Information:
  • Experience available from 18 years and older, unless accompanied by an adult.

  • You may not be suitable if you have the following medical conditions: Heart disorders, High/Low Blood Pressure, Recent Surgery, Pregnancy status, Allergies, Medications, Neck/ Back Pain, Illnesses, Injuries.

  • Client will fill in our disclosue

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Nama Signature Facial

Nama Signature Facial

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