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This course is conducted with a number of exercises at highway speeds. Situations that drivers can cope with calmly and confidently at suburban speeds are totally different at highway speeds. Driver Dynamics Advanced Car Control Course gives you the opportunity to learn life saving vehicle handling skills in a safe and non threatening environment. We have geared this training towards controlling the vehicle in critical situations. This approach is designed to make the participants realise that it is always better to avoid danger.

The aim of these exercises is to educate drivers in:

  • An in depth analysis of the physical skills; seating, steering, vision, braking, accelerating, use of transmission
  • Practical advanced vehicle dynamics
  • Emergency braking for both ABS and non ABS
  • Emergency corner braking
  • Evasive lane changes
  • Slalom
  • Under-steer / Over-steer exercises

Covers advanced road safety concepts and the key principals of advanced car control including:

  1. Advanced vehicle dynamics theory
  2. Advanced Skid Control theory

We guarantee more driving time and better value for money than any comparable course. This course requires concentration and commitment right up to the last minute, and best of all it'ss great fun!

*All driving exercises in this course are conducted on wet roads using 100% recycled water.*

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Level 2 Advanced Driving Course Vic

Level 2 Advanced Driving Course Vic


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