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GoGo Active Tours offer bike tours in and around Perth to see the sights only the locals know. Their tours are more sight-seeing, rather than strenuous, as they take our time to enjoy the scenery and show you some of Perth's well known highlights, plus some special and difficult to find locations.

Enjoy a fantastic bike tour discovering Perth with Matt and Sue, who are locals and

terrific guides. Stop along the way to explore some hidden wetlands, learn about historical locations and observe some incredible bird life.

Experience includes:
  • A bike and helmet, but feel free to BYO

  • A knowledgeable and interesting guide who is trained to keep you safe and provide you with interesting information

  • Free water bottle

  • The guide carries a first aid kit for your safety

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Forsehore East Perth Bike Tour + 1 Waterbottle

Forsehore East Perth Bike Tour + 1 Waterbottle

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