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Drift Introduction is an awesome introductory into drifting. Have a go at drifting yourself, and let a professional show you how it's done right after! Get a hands on experience inside a real drift car and feel what it's like to drive one. This program also includes hot laps with a professional drifter in a competition drift car. Popular gift idea.

  • Briefing of the session and all safety requirements
  • Helmets are provided however you may also bring your own
  • A demonstration of the technique will be shown by your instructor
  • Introductory Drifting lesson under professional instruction with you as the DRIVER (10 ATTEMPTS AT BASIC DRIFT ENTRY with training cone setup)
  • Drifting Joy ride with a pro with you as the PASSENGER (2 laps on technical drift course)
  • Drift car supplied
  • Long sleeves and long pants
  • Enclosed footwear (sneakers, joggers)

  • Location is at Wanneroo Raceway
  • Ages 16 and over
  • MUST be able to drive manual transmission
  • We encourage for you to drive at a 100% of your CAPABILITY, which means if you are not capable of showing correct technique and control of the drift car, it is not safe to allow you as the driver to perform further advanced techniques of drifting. This is at the discretion of your instructor.
  • In the event of rain, we will always continue unless it is a storm or dangerous weather
  • Drift Introduction sessions are to learn the competitive technique of drifting, not burn outs. Reckless driving and poor treatment of our drift cars will not be tolerated and may forfeit your drive.
  • Please note that session times are when the program begins and there will be a short wait before your turn.
  • Transfers to another date if requested within the 14 days of the original scheduled date will incur a $50 fee.

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Drift Introduction

Drift Introduction


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