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The Full Day Rally Driving Experience includes five seperate sessions; three in the morning, focussing on key rally driving skills and techniques, then two in the afternoon, where you'll build on your skills, perfect techniques, and increase your confidence (and speed) at the wheel.

At the Prodriver Rally Experience, our purpose built gravel rally stages include a variety of challenges, including long straights, sweeping 'S' bends, dips, tight hairpin bends, and some sometimes even water splashes and jumps!

Once your Rally driving experience is complete, you'll have the opportunity to experience a high-speed passenger ride alongside your instructor, to finish off your course with a smile.

Your full day rally school experience includes lunch*, provided for you on the day.

What's included / what you get:

  • Five Full Rally Experience Sessions (Approximately 5-6 Full Laps Per Session)
  • Use of a rally helmet for the day (with a communications device within the helmet so you can talk with your driver
  • Use of a racesuit for the day
  • Drinks, snacks and a fully catered lunch
  • All the video footage of you and your driver/car for the day captured by multiple in-car cameras, external cameras and in-track cameras
  • The most authentic rallying experience this side of a real rally!
  • Bragging rights for life
  • Certificate for 'Most Improved' of the day

Full Day Rally Experience Schedule

09:00: Arrival, Paperwork, Meet the Team

Arrive and meet the rest of the group on the course with
you today, grab some refreshments, complete your
paperwork (a quick ID check, sign-in, and read/sign
participation agreement) and meet your instructor.

09:15: Briefings and Equipment

Time to focus as your instructors brief the group on the
basic skills and techniques of Rally Driving that you'll be
learning today, along with health and safety instructions.
You'll grab a racesuit, helmet (with built-in microphone
and headphones - rally cars are noisy!). Our support crew
will be there to guide you through all this, so you can relax
and focus on having fun.

09:45: Time to Drive. Rally Experience Course Part One

You're straight in the driving seat. Once you're safely and
comfortably strapped in with the assistance of our
support crew, you'll get started on the first three of five
separate sessions, taking you through key elements of
Rally driving. You'll practice and perfect hand brake turns,
controlled opposite-lock slides, and get to grips with
controlling understeer and oversteer. You'll start to
understand just how much a car can do in capable hands.

12:30: Lunch

Your instructors will join you for lunch, and will be happy
to chat about your progress so far, offering tips and
advice for you to get the most out of the rest of the day.
After lunch, time-permitting, our support crew will be
available to guide you on a 'walkaround' of the cars, if
you'd like to ask questions.

13:15: Rallyschool Course Part Two

It's back to the action as you take the wheel again for
another two sessions. During sessions four and five, you'll
be putting into practice the skills and techniques you
learned during the three morning sessions. Your
instructor will be happy to give you a quick refresher
wherever you might need it, and will be coaching you
towards becoming more and more confident, capable,
and quick behind the wheel.

15:00: Ride of a Lifetime

Now you've completed your rally driving course and
understand some of the key skills needed to be a
professional rally driver, it'ss time to swap places and
experience the thrill of a high-speed run through the
entire course with your instructor at the wheel. You'll
know the course well at this point, so you'll have the
option to call out the corners for your driver like a Co-
Driver does (we'll even give you the 'pace notes' for the
course), but we won't judge you if you decide to just sit
back and enjoy the ride! A high-speed passenger ride with
a professional rally driver is a truly incredible experience,
and one not to be missed.

15:30: De-brief and Presentation

Once your instructor has completed all hot laps and
performed some safety checks, the instructors and
support crew will make themselves available for fifteen
minutes or so to chat and answer any questions you
might have about your day.

16:00: Course Finishes

Now the bragging rights come into play! Time to head
home and tell everyone what an amazing time you had!

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Corporate Event/Group Rally Driving Experience

Corporate Event/Group Rally Driving Experience


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