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Anumi's Organic Classical Relaxation and Moisturising Facial is 75 minutes of pure bliss. It combines a face neck and shoulder massage with a moisturising facial.

- Classical Relaxation: Enjoy being pampered with a face, neck and shoulder massage.

- Moisturising Facial: After a brief skin assessment, your facial begins with a double cleanse and exfoliation treatment. Next, your beauty therapist will apply a moisturising serum and a moisturising mask to your face. This intense treatment saturates dehydrated and sensitive skin with moisture.

Experience includes:
  • Relaxing Massage

  • Moisturising Facial

Important Information:
  • You may not be suitable if you have the following medical conditions: Recent Surgery, Illnesses, Injuries. Experience available from 16 years and older

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Classical Relaxation And Moisturising Facial

Classical Relaxation And Moisturising Facial

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