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All customers must be able to understand English, as they are required to demonstrate a clear and thorough understanding of the safety briefing and the operational instructions including the practical operation of the Jet Ski.

What to expect:

Other than an experience of a lifetime, you will see some of the most picturesque scenery that North Queensland has on offer. Whilst on tour you could expect to see the unique marine life that inhabits The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, which include some of the following species: Turtles, dolphins, dugongs, whales and many other forms of aquatic marine life.

Departing the Townsville Breakwater Marina and travelling along the foreshore of Townsville Strand taking in views of Castle Hill and the esplanade showcasing Townsville from the water. Continuing on to Kissing Point that is not only picturesque but is also hosts amazing views of Magnetic Island and holds historical value dating back to World War II. As the voyage resumes across Cleveland Bay you will discover areas of reef namely Virago shoals and Middle Reef that produce areas of seagrass beds that dugongs (sea cow) rely upon as their primary source of food, as such it is not uncommon to see dugong (sea cow) in these areas.

Amongst the reef there are schools of bait fish that pelagic species such as mackerel school and feed upon and it is not uncommon to see this taking place. The area also produces an array of marine life and it is regular occurrence to see manta ray and sea turtles. Whilst underway on the coast side can be seen forts that were vantage points during World War II, finally reaching the destination of Bay Rock that is a small island off the coast of Townsville.

This picturesque little island consists of rocky outcrops, native grasses and abundant sea going Avarians. The history of Bay Rock was that of one which was owned by the government and used solely for lighthouse purposes.

The lighthouse, completed in 1866, was one of the first 4 or 5 to be built in Queensland. It has historical significance as it was initially used extensively by vessels making for the quarantine station anchorage on West Point, Magnetic Island. The lighthouse was standard white sound timber-framed, zinc anneal-cladded tower with standard equipment. A lantern and beam projection apparatus was used with an open flame acetylene gas burner. The original light stood 29 metres above ground. The last keeper left in 1920 and the light was automated in 1930.

The last occupants were John Albert Edward Lawson and his family. He started his service on Gatcom Head near Gladstone. He was tragically lost at sea while returning to Bay Rock. His descendants still live in Townsville. The original lighthouse now takes up residence on the restaurant strip that is located on Palmer Street.

After taking in the beauty of Bay Rock we then travel back across the bay returning to the Breakwater Marina.

Our tours cater to our guests personal needs and requirements. If you wish to pace you're tour at a slower rate and take it all in, we can arrange multiple stops and capture photographs of the voyage. If you wish to travel quickly, advise the guide and they will adjust and monitor the pace of the voyage to match the experience level of the participants.

Please note:

Townsville Jet Ski and Watercraft perform a practical competency skill test prior to the commencement of all hires and tours. Townsville Jet Ski and Watercraft reserve the right to cease or alternatively terminate the hire or tour if the driver demonstrates a level of incompetence or behaves in manner deemed to be a risk to themselves or other users.

** We also advise checking the weather before making a booking, Click here to check the forecast

Medical conditions and fitness:

It is a requirement to inform Townsville Jet Ski and Watercraft before the hire or tour commences if you have a pre-existing medical condition or any other additional considerations that may or need to be taken into account, which could impair or in inhibit your ability operate the equipment safely and effectively.

All customers must demonstrate a minimum level of fitness, as most activities are more strenuous and physically demanding than others, you must also be able to tread water with a life jacket on in the event you are separated from the Jet Ski.

What to bring:

A* Protective sun wear clothing.

A* Towel.

A* Driver'ss license or alternative form of photo identification (e.g. Passport)

A* Sunscreen.

A* Water bottle containing water.

A* Hat suitable for Jet Skiing.

- If bringing a camera please ensure there is a lanyard attached (if your mobile phone is not waterproof it may be advisable to leave behind. If you choose to bring your phone please note that in doing so this is at your own risk)

-You may bring your own stinger suit if you choose. There are also stinger suits available for hire or purchase.

Lost items:

All Jet Skis have a forward storage locker and also have a glove compartment type storage area which has the capacity of housing personal items and within this space there is a secondary compartment that enables the safe and secure storage of your mobile phone and/or device. Please only bring with you what you require. Townsville Jet Ski and Watercraft will not be liable for any lost or damaged items. We encourage if wearing sunglasses to have a safety strap attached.

What'ss included:

A* Life jacket

A* Sunscreen (if you forget yours)

A* Safety briefing and Jet Ski practical demonstration

A* Bottled water (if you forget yours)

Weight restrictions and age limits:

Maximum weight of an individual person allowed to partake in activities provided by Townsville Jet Ski and Watercraft is rated to 130kg. Persons in excess to the weight limit pose an increased health and safety risk to themselves, customers, and team members. Townsville Jet Ski and Watercraft have rated the maximum carrying capacity of the Jet Ski to 200kg for tandem riders. This weight restriction is inclusive of the riders and luggage which must be adhered to at all times. This weight limit requirement is for the comfort and safety of our guests.

The minimum age for persons to operate the personal watercrafts is 16 years of age (If the person is under 18 years of age it is a requirement that the parent or guardian sign on their behalf), all passengers must be a minimum of age 8 years or older when riding in tandem.


Townsville Jet Ski and Watercraft reserve the right to cancel or postpone or reschedule a tour or hire due to adverse or unfavorable weather conditions as your personal safety is of the utmost priority of Townsville Jet Ski and Watercraft. Townsville Jet Ski and Watercraft do not conduct tours or hire in adverse or unfavorable weather conditions.

Townsville Jet Ski and Watercraft may also recommend it be more suitable for a single rider to operator or partake in a guided tour or hire activity when the weather is favorable for a single operator, however could be considered unsuitable for tandem operation.

Expectations with weather forecasting: 5 - 10 knots = consisting of smooth conditions, light wave height, 10 -15 knots = consisting of partially smooth conditions with medium waves height, 15 - 20 knots consisting of mixed conditions with increased wave height.

**If time slots are unavailable please telephone to discuss tour options**.

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