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Abyhanga is relaxing and rejuvenating full body massage treatment, which calms the parasympathetic
nervous system, releases oxytocin and encourages the body to eliminate toxins.
The treatment helps nourishes the skin using oils such as Sesame oil which is high in Vitamin E,
keeping it soft and supple, whilst also lubrication joints.

Abyhanga starts with warm oil placed on the crown of the head and an Indian Head Massage, working
our way down the body and from the feet up the body, towards the heart - ending with a Marma
point face massage. Towels are used to drape the body.
We recommend leaving the oil on for 20 minutes for optimal benefits. It is also recommended to
allow steam to open your pores before showering.

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Abyhanga Relaxation Experience - Ayurveda

Abyhanga Relaxation Experience - Ayurveda


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